Woocommerce, Pre-Check Terms and conditions box for old users (that have previously accepted it)

Customer retention depends on a smooth purchasing experience, and this is why the “Automatically Accept Terms for Returning Customers” snippet is made to improve your WooCommerce store’s customer experience. This snippet checks the terms and conditions box for users who are logged in and have made a purchase in the past automatically. This simplifies the checkout procedure, lowers friction, and promotes recurring transactions.

Pre-Checked Terms’ Advantages for Repeat Customers

There are various benefits to putting the “Automatically Accept Terms for Returning Customers” snippet into practice on your WooCommerce website. First off, by cutting down on the steps needed to complete a purchase, it improves user experience and may increase conversion rates. Consumers value the expedited procedure, which may boost their propensity to finish a purchase.

Second, by identifying and rewarding frequent customers with an easier checkout procedure, this piece fosters customer loyalty. You may demonstrate your appreciation for their recurring business and your dedication to giving them a hassle-free purchasing experience by pre-checking the terms and conditions box. This can greatly raise client happiness and promote recurring business, which will help your online store expand and succeed as a whole.

// function auto_check_terms_if_user_has_orders( $default ) { if ( is_user_logged_in() ) { $user_id = get_current_user_id(); $order_count = wc_get_customer_order_count( $user_id ); if ( $order_count > 0 ) { return true; } } return $default; } add_filter( 'woocommerce_terms_is_checked_default', 'auto_check_terms_if_user_has_orders' );

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