How to login in WordPress website – WordPress login page

There are three main cases where you can find the login page of a WordPress website

  • Default login page
  • Woocommerce login page
  • Hidden login page

What is the default login page in WordPress?

In any wordpress website, we can find the default login page in
In any new wordpress installation using will also redirect you to the login page.

What is the default Woocommerce login page?

When using woocommerce, in addition to the way shown above, you can also reach the woocommerce login page using the my account page extension like

How to hide the login page in WordPress ?

One of the easiest ways to hide the default login page in wordpress, is using a lightweight plugin called WPS Hide Login
This plugin adds an extra page in settings called WPS Hide Login from where you can set a custom extension for your login page. Additionally you can set the redirect page for anyone trying to access the  wp-login.php page and the wp-admin directory while not logged in.

This way you add an extra security layer to protect your website, because if a hacker cannot reach the login page, its not possible to methods like a brute force attack.

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